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How do I buy a photo from you guys?

Simply go to the Events tab and find your event.  If the event is a large event you can search by expected finish time as soon as the photos are uploaded.  You will be able to search by bib number a few days after the photos first appear on our site.  Once you have found your photo click on it and press the "Buy" button.  You can then choose whether you want to simply Download a digital copy, get a Paper Print or even acquire some Wall Art of your special day.  If you wish to purchase multiple photos in a gallery, you can  purchase at the gallery level.  Simply press "Buy" and then highlight all the photos you wish to purchase.

I just want a digital photo for my Facebook / Instagram account.

Well, you've come to the right place.  Our digital prices are less than half the price of many of our competitors.  Simply find your photo as described above then when you click on the "Buy" button select Download.  

Do you have discount vouchers?

Our prices are already significantly less expensive than many of our competitors, however, we still do offer some great discount vouchers from time to time.  These will be posted on our social media sites, so be sure to follow us using the social media buttons above.

What is "expected finish time"?

For larger events with numerous participants we want to make your photos available to you as quickly as possible.  We do this by generating expected finish times at five or ten minute intervals and grouping photos into galleries split by expected finish time.  Each five minute window gallery is then further split by photographer location.  We work out our photographers exact position on the course and then extrapolate out to find the time we would expect you to finish if you continued at the same pace to the end of the race.  This allows us to group photos into manageable chunks making it easier for you to find your photo as soon as they're uploaded. This method is more accurate the closer to the end of the race you are.  

If you know you went at a steady pace the whole time you should find your photos pretty easily.  However, if, for example, you ran through 13 miles at 3 hours but then hit the wall and finished in 7 hours your photos at 13 miles would be found in the 6 hours 00 mins to 6 hours 05 mins expected finish time gallery.  This is because this is the time you'd have finished had you have kept up your pace from when we photographed you at 13 miles.   

If you're unsure whether you slowed down or not, many races are chip timed at 5km intervals so you can easily find out when your times are published on line.

If this all sounds like too much work, you can wait a couple of days for us to tag the photos by bib number, or you can send us a message using the Contact Form above, letting us know your bib number and our resident maths whizz will try and locate you!

What types of printed photos can I purchase?

Lustre is a premium finish on a heavier paper.  It offers the vibrant colours of glossy with the finger-print resistant finish of matte. Printed on Kodak Supra Endura paper.  

Metallic has a rich distinctively metallic look with a huge WOW! factor.  Printed on Kodak Endure Professional Metallic Paper.  

Do you offer Glossy prints?

We don't offer Glossy prints as standard as, in our minds, Lustre offers a superior print.  If you are desperate for Glossy prints please contact us via the contact form and we'll see what we can do :-)

Can I request for one or all of my photos to be removed from your website / social media sites?

Of course.  Just drop us an email using the Contact Form above letting us know the photo(s) in question and your bib number (if visible) and we'll remove it / them as soon as possible.

Can I use your photos for commercial use?

No.  Our photographs are for personal use only and cannot be used or modified for commercial or advertising use, nor can they be copied or reproduced in any form without the prior permission of Marathon Moments Ltd.

I have a perfect frame for my photo but you don't have the size of photo listed that I need.  Do you offer print sizes not listed on the marathonmoments.co.uk website?

Yes!  Our print partners can produce a number of different sizes.  We have only offered a selection of these sizes to prevent the choices becoming overwhelming!  If you would like a specific size please email us using the contact form.  Here are all the standard  print sizes currently available:

6" x 4"

7" x 5"

9" x 6"

10" x 8" (by request)

12" x 8"

14" x 11" (by request)

15" * 10" (by request)

18" x 12" 

20" x 16" (by request)

24" x 16" (by request)

30" x 20" (by request)

36 x 24"

40" x 30" (by request)

Here are all the other  print sizes currently available:

5" x 3.5" (by request)

5" x 4" (by request)

8" x 6" (by request)

10" x 7" (by request)

11" x 8.5" (by request)

12" x 9" (by request)

12" x 10" (by request)

16" x 10" (by request)

16" x 11" (by request)

20" x 12" (by request)

22" x 14" (by request)

24" x "20 (by request)

Here are our square sizes available:

5" x 5"

8" x 8"

10" x 10"

12" x 12" (by request)

16" x 16" (by request)

20" x 20" (by request)

24" x 24" (by request)

30" x 30" (by request)

I don't understand what some of the Wall Art options are

That's understandable, there are a vast array of options on offer!  When purchasing a photo you will be given the option to select Wall Art, Paper Prints or Downloads.  Click on the Wall Art folder and you will be presented with all the different Wall Art options we offer.  If you click  on the little "i" symbol with a circle you will be presented with an example and a short explanation 

I saw one of your video montages and would like one using photos you took of me, could you create one for me?  

Yes!  Send us a message using the Contact Form above for more details.

What happened to photos from Brighton?

Unfortunately we had some unforeseen legal issues that mean we won't be able to provide photos from Brighton, apologies to disappoint.

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